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 Email: mde@bellosol.com
Bello Sol Inc.
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Accelerate Profits 
Pony 4 Precious 

Prospecting Automation is a suite of tools utilized to drive more leads, convert more of those leads into sales, and track your marketing efforts to demonstrate ROI of each campaign so you can further leverage your marketing efforts.

Accelerated Profits Company working with Clickback company system is designed to be simple to use but yet rich with features. Utilizing a centralized marketing platform you can track your marketing campaigns across different mediums (website properties, pay per click, email contacts, any online advertising requiring a click to get to your content) and evaluate each lead based on a set of simple rules. As triggers are met for these leads automated responses, set by you, are then employed to deliver time sensitive and critical content to your lead to assist them on the sales path. Robust filtering and criteria selections allow you only spend resources on those prospective clients who are looking to get started today.

Recently purchased a list? Clickback can help.

The reason you purchased a data list is obvious – you’re looking for a constant flow of qualified leads to fill your funnel. Unfortunately, Marketing Automation and Email Service Provider software are not optimized for you to send email campaigns to your non permission-based contacts for lead generation. Use Clickback Lead Gen Edition to attract more leads. It uses ELG (Email Lead Generation) software that enables B2B companies to turn non permission-based contacts or purchased data into permission-based leads. 

With Done 4 You Drip Marketing, we’ll help you stay in front of your prospects with a steady stream of professionally written emails that educate, keep your brand top-of-mind, and encourage your prospects to engage with your company.

Here’s How it Works.

1. We’ll help you to build the largest list of targeted prospects available. These prospects will become your drip marketing database.

2. We’ll consult with you and your team to fully understand your business, your clients, and your offer.

3. Our team will then create a series of powerfully persuasive emails that will tell your story and invite your prospects to take action.

4. Your email campaigns will be automatically scheduled to send over a series of days, weeks or months.

5. You’ll be provided an online portal to track which prospects are most ready to buy from you based on their activity (opening emails multiple times, clicking a link, etc.)

Generating Leads from Emails is Now "Risk Free".

Gone are the days of building your email database one call, meeting or trade show at a time. The faster and more effective way to connect with potential customers is by acquiring a purchased list and then nurturing those leads with Done 4 You Drip Marketing.

Our system is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, and is optimized for sending B2B emails to purchased leads for the sole purpose of generating leads. We protect your online reputation, so all you have to worry about is filling your funnel with leads

​Services Include:
Approach & Nurture Campaigns
​Data Scrubbing
Detailed Reporting & Customer Portal
Sales Coaching & Training

Generate quality B2B leads today with our smart, safe and integrated ELG software solutions. 

To learn more about Clickback contact Mike Eastwood at (925) 482-4182 or click on the Learn More link. 

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