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 Email: mde@bellosol.com
Bello Sol Inc.
Accelerate Profits Company 
A Division of Bello Sol Inc.

Bello Sol Inc. is a multi-industry company employing talented people, in Day Spas, Real Estate, Business Consulting, Manufacturing and Non Profit Charity.

Blu Sol Spa
What makes Blu Sol Spa so successful is we customize each service to meet our clients wellness needs for optimal benefits of every session. Blu Sol Spa is a non-corporate structured spa. Blu Sol Spa offers  a variety of membership programs for clients to save money on their services.  We have loyal employees and customers that have been with Blu Sol Spa since 2008. For more information about Blu Sol Spa go to www.blusolspa.com. 

Bandit Blanks LLC-  Ride with the Bandit.
Bandit Blanks is created by mounted shooters, for mounted shooters. We are proud to offer high quality .45 caliber mounted shooting blanks for only the dangerously fast shooters across the nation. We create our blanks in Phoenix, Arizona, the birth place of a new breed of equestrians. Bandit Blanks offers competition blanks, training blanks and rifle blanks. Bandit blanks is the most reliable blank on the market for mounted shooters. We aren't your average lick and promise type of company, get yourself a blank that can keep up with your six-shooting horse. Ride like a Bandit with Bandit Blanks. For more information on Bandit Blanks go to www.banditblanks.com. 

Accelerate Profits Company 
A business consultant company that offers business support, sales consulting, manager and group coaching, one-on-one coaching, sales management training, closed-loop marketing programs, executive training, interim Vice President of sales, online coaching, business development and interviewing services. APC has the services and expertise business owners rely on to improve their bottom line results by improving their processes. For more information about APC go to  www.accelerateprofitsco.com

1% Real Estate Company 
A full-service real estate company that works with West USA Realty,vwe are licensed to represent clients in real estate transactions in the Arizona market. Other services are coaching agents with their business development. For more information go to www.cindyeastwood.com 

Pony 4 Precious Inc. 
The goals and mission of this 501 c 3 charity is every day try and educate children about Winston a miniature pony and his family of horses. The charity offers a website that has free online training videos, information, pictures, horse training, games and kid-friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of children throughout the world! For more information go to www.pony4precious.org. 

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Contact Us
Bello Sol Inc.    19351 W Ashley Dr Buckeye, AZ 85326   925-482-4182   Email: mde@bellosol.com 
It's not your people... It's your process.
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     Secret to our      Success? 
Bello Sol Inc donates ten percent of their yearly profits to Pony 4 Precious charity. Pony 4 Precious is a registered IRS 501 (c) 3 that offers free online educations program and scholarships for children. They also support a local horse rescues. For more information on this amazing charity click on the logo to see how you can be involved and support this charity.