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Bello Sol Inc.
West USA Realty of Prescott
Accelerate Profits 
Pony 4 Precious 
Company Information
Excellent Executive Management Skills
 Directed successful sales, marketing, multi-operation teams in the manufacturing and and dat spa industries with sales sold through distribution, international dealers and direct to the customer, for businesses with annual revenues of $1M to $250M.

 Member of Executive Management Teams, Boards of Directors that were responsible for substantially increasing ROI, by increasing sales and lowering costs while managing budgets and P&L for multi-retail operations and companies.

 Managed budgets and P&L for all levels within a corporation including retail, departments, call centers, multi-state distribution and international operations worldwide. Plus work with NonProfit companie.

  Extensive Sales and Leadership Skills
 Built and/or restructured high-energy sale and marketing teams that met and exceeded their sales goals year after year.

 Developed strong relationships with strategic alliances and customers, by implementing beneficial programs, catalog sales and restructuring call centers and customer service.

  Proven Strategic Planning Skills
 Developed process strategic sales plans that were successful in streamlining operations, decreasing costs and increasing sales by 36% both in the US and international markets. 

  Worked with The PGA, LA Angels, LA Dodgers, Oakland Raiders, NBA Hornets, SF Forty Niners, Pebble Beach, Meadowbrook Golf, IGM Management, ACMSA, Golf Course Superintendent Associations in six states, Landscapers Associations and Non-Profit Companies, etc.

 Implemented multiple programs including National Account Programs, GSA Accounts & Contracts with Hilton and Marriott Hotels, Arnold Palmer Golf, Gary Player Design, John Deere Company, PGA. 18 years of worldwide distribution and sales networks in both retail, dealerships, manufacturing and distributors, Transportation and personal transportation for The Super Bowl, Nike, Facebook, Cisco, Charter Sales, Dream Force, EA Sport, Google, etc​  

 Bello Sol Inc companies are based on helping people. We offer Real Estate needs for families and business that are moving to Arizona or just looking to make a home change. We work with companies to help increase sales and grow their business. We manufacture a product for the fastest growing equine sport in the world and Bello Sol Inc gives back to our charity. 

We are dedicated to helping business-to-business sales forces pinpoint problems in their infrastructure, implementing effective action plans that provide long-term solutions for both management and salesperson. The investment surely worth immediate effort, and a smart decision that will pay for itself very quickly.

As a result, Bello Sol business sales numbers have increase in each of our divisions.  With the overall company productivity and morale. The very foundation of our business has in 2017  we have a 21% sales increase and a 24% net cash flow increase. In 2018 we succeed in 27% sales growth and 29% net cash flow increase. This allowed Bello Sol Inc to sell their day spa over the market value and invest in a real estate division.

.We recognize that sales — in particular, sales management — are one of the least formally controlled components of most business organizations.

While there are a myriad of schools you can attend to learn how to become a marketing manager, there are none that offer a four-year diploma in sales management. That’s right, take a look around your organization.

How many of your managers have a diploma in sales management with expertise in how to recruit, hire, train, deploy, and coach there team to higher levels of proficiency? In all probability the answer to that question is few, if any.

Consequently, the sales organization traditionally underperforms all other departments within an organization, at least from the point of view of proficiency and productivity.

In the mid ’80s, we discovered that the sales process used by most business-to-business sales forces was first documented in 1873 by John Henry Patterson, the founder of NCR.

It is tragically ironic that, in today’s world, organizations that rely on their sales team (direct and/or indirect) to find, acquire and retain customers are using techniques and processes first documented in the late 1800s!

When you work with Bello Sol Inc certified consultants, your company’s sales and marketing processes will leapfrog over your competition and directly into the 21st Century.

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